About us

The Simplify group of companies was formed in 2014 and includes long standing Probate and estate administration, property marketing, sales, and transfers, Will writing and other legal service companies.

Simplify Probate is the business name of Chorus Law and offers a range of Probate and estate administration services. Simplify Probate is part of a group of companies which includes DC Law which may undertake reserved legal activity on our behalf where applicable.

We’ll take the time to talk to you about your estate, the level of complexity and how involved you want to be in the process and help you identify solutions through our various service options.

Our highly respected experts have been providing Probate services to customers including major banks such as HSBC and Barclays for over 25 years, and can manage the process from start to finish; from gathering all the necessary documents, to distributing the estate to the beneficiaries, or just helping with the legal process.

Whatever your Probate needs may be, you will be looked after by some of the most experienced professionals in the country and can be reassured that this sometimes complex process is being carried out effectively and efficiently by people you can trust.

How we work

When you contact us we’ll always begin by discussing with you the type of service you need, together with the level of responsibility and involvement you’d prefer during the Probate and estate administration process.

If you choose to instruct us, you will be assigned a personal Probate Manager who will coordinate all aspects of your service.

We work on behalf of the Executors or Administrators often known as Personal Representatives and will communicate with any beneficiaries at the start and the end of an estate. Furthermore, we understand that there may be others within a family who will want to understand the process and the timelines, so we will give regular updates to our clients so that they can pass on the information.

Our fees are transparent and fixed, and based on the complexity of the estate as discussed with you from the outset and not as a percentage of its value. In addition, we will make you aware of any additional third party charges the estate may be subject to. We are committed to delivering a timely and efficient service.

Tell us about our service

We take great care in looking after our customers by delivering the standard of service expected and would welcome any feedback to improve our service. If you are unhappy with any aspects of the service received please speak to your Probate Manager who will try to resolve the matter quickly and informally. You may also raise your concerns or lodge a formal complaint by email, telephone or post to our dedicated Customer Relations Department who will investigate the matter fully.

Contact customerrelations@choruslaw.co.uk, phone 01789 777354 or write to Customer Relations at our Head Office: Heron House, Timothy’s Bridge Road, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 9BX. Our complaints policy is available upon request.

The Simplify group

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Our commitment to supporting United World Schools

Simplify Probate and our group of companies actively support United World Schools, an organisation which creates educational opportunity for children living in the world’s poorest regions and driven by a global mission to help reach children that do not receive even the most basic education.

Our colleagues have been fundraising throughout 2016 and have raised £10,000 enabling us to partner with va rural community in northern Cambodia to start building a community school. In 2017 the group looks forward to being able to raise the funds to complete the school project.

United World Schools