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Probate expertise

Our estate specialists have extensive Probate experience and knowledge

Professional guidance

You can trust us to complete the entire process on your behalf

Dedicated support

You’ll be looked after by a dedicated Probate Manager

Ensuring your complete peace of mind

Probate can be complex and time-consuming, but we can take care of everything on your behalf. Allow our specialists to complete the Grant application and the rest of the estate administration process sensitively, swiftly and for a fixed fee.

First steps

As soon as you appoint us to look after the estate, we’ll start getting everything ready to apply for the Grant on your behalf. This is a considerable undertaking that involves everything from securing the assets, gathering all the deceased’s financial records and going through all the relevant information, to valuing the property and other assets and debts. We’ll prepare the Grant paperwork accurately and quickly, send it to you to sign and swear and then lodge it with the Court for processing. Sometimes we’ll use specialist partners to help us track down and assess all the necessary information, but you’ll only ever have one point of contact here at Simplify. If the Court has any further queries, we’ll answer them on your behalf.

Taking care of the financial responsibilities

When the Grant has been issued, we will collect the assets and pay any outstanding debts & taxes on your behalf. We’ll ensure that this is done correctly and diligently and, thanks to our working relationships with various bodies (such as the Department for Work and Pensions), we can reduce the impact of any delays caused by official investigations.

With our experienced team of tax professionals we can manage the tax aspects of estate administration quickly and expertly. We’ll also advertise for any outstanding creditors, meaning you won’t be held responsible in the event of a future claim.

Paying the beneficiaries

Once all the assets have been collected and the debts have been paid, we’ll prepare a full set of accounts and begin distributing the assets or money to the beneficiaries. We’ll ensure this is done efficiently and in accordance with the law. 

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You can count on our attention to detail

We’ll complete the required legal checks and documentation

From the first checks to ensure the validity of any Will in existence, to preparing estate accounts, there are many legal responsibilities to attend to. Our experts will take care of them all on your behalf.

We’ll communicate with HMRC

Calculating any Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax owed can sometimes be a headache, but our estate administration service will take care of everything, and make sure that every tax obligation is correctly accounted for.

We’ll help you transfer or sell the property

We’ve teamed up with Move With Us who are part of the Simplify Group and are the largest nationwide network of estate agents, whose experts can value the property quickly and accurately, and help you take care of everything if it comes to selling the property. They can also coordinate multiple valuations which is helpful and saves time. If appropriate, we will deal with HM Land Registry on your behalf to ensure the safe transfer of the property to the right beneficiary.

We’ll distribute the estate properly

After all the processes and paperwork have been completed it’s reassuring to know that the estate will have been distributed in accordance with the due legal processes without risk of recourse. You can count on us to carry out the necessary bankruptcy checks, gather receipts and always ensure that the right people get paid.

Our costs

We'll explain exactly what to expect from our service and provide you with a fixed fee quote so that you know exactly how much everything will cost from the start.

We'll also highlight any third party costs that may apply (such as the Probate Court fee or the Land Registry fee for transferring a house into a beneficiary’s name). Although we may not always know the exact final costs which third parties may charge, we will highlight them so that you are aware. Thanks to the relationships we have with trusted partners and group companies we are also able to pass on any benefit of competitive costs to our customers.

All fees will be taken from the estate, provided there are liquid assets available, so you don’t need to worry about covering the cost of the service up-front.

My Probate Manager kept me informed at every stage and was available when required. It was a relief to have a very complicated procedure dealt with in a professional but also sympathetic way at such a difficult time.

Mr P, Dorset