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Grant of Probate service 

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Upfront pricing

We charge a fixed fee for our services and will tell you about any third party costs you can expect in advance

Expert advice

Your dedicated specialist will talk you through the process

Legal know-how

We’ll prepare and process the Grant application, dealing with the Court for you

We'll apply for the Grant for you

If you’re comfortable taking care of most of the estate administration, but would rather not deal with the Probate Court or perhaps HMRC on Inheritance Tax, this is a quick, straightforward option. Simply gather the necessary information, secure and value the assets and then take care of the administration once we’ve secured the Grant.

We'll check your work

Before we apply for the Grant on your behalf, we’ll assess the work you will have done so far, including:

  • The validity of the Will, who is entitled to apply for the Grant and who will benefit under it
  • The rules of Intestacy (where there isn’t a valid Will) to identify who is entitled to apply for the Grant and the entitlement of the beneficiaries
  • That the assets and liabilities have been fully investigated and valued properly
  • That lifetime gifts have been fully investigated and the correct details obtained for the Grant application
  • Tax, exemption and relief calculations

Next steps

Once all information has been confirmed and checked we will:

  • Prepare the Grant application, including the Oath and the Inheritance Tax account
  • Send the Grant application to you to sign and swear, and give you the guidance you need to complete this correctly
  • Apply to the Probate Court to obtain the Grant on your behalf
  • Provide you with the Grant and all the copies you need to administer the estate

Once you have the Grant your next steps will be:

  • Collect the assets
  • Sell or transfer any property & shares
  • Advertise for creditors and manage any Department for Work and Pensions (Recovery from Estates) investigation
  • Settle all debts and taxes
  • Prepare estate accounts
  • Pay beneficiaries

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How much it costs and how long it takes

The fees for the Grant of Probate service start from £895 including;

  • Our fixed service fees which start from £737.50 including VAT (depending on estate complexity)
  • Plus the Probate Court Fees which are currently £157.50 (including 5 Grants)

Price Match

This is highly competitive price, however if you can find a cheaper quote (in writing) for the fixed service fees for a similar service from another provider, we will gladly match their offer.


The process typically takes 5-7 weeks to complete (or 8-10 weeks if a more complex Inheritance Tax account is required).

Court Fees

Plans to introduce new Probate Court fees in England and Wales by May 2017 have been put on hold. 

The Ministry of Justice has announced that the proposals would not have enough time to pass through parliament before it closes ahead of the general election on June 8th 2017. It is not yet clear whether the proposed changes will be re-instated if the Conservative Government is re-elected.

The Probate Court fees for estates above £5000 will therefore remain as they are at £215 for personal applications and £155 for professional applications.

It is important to accurately value the estate prior to submission of the Grant of Probate application and Inheritance Tax forms. 

Speak to one of our Probate Advisors who will be able to give you more information.